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An environmentally sustainable community

In Oswego, environmental sustainability is deeply engrained in who we are as a community. Oswego's respect for the environment is included in our mission statement, and a beautiful natural environment is a part of our community's promise. To continue to realize that vision and promise, the Village has taken the following steps to protect our environment: 


  • Our public works department installed drinking water bottle filling stations for crews who work outside in hot summer months. 
  • The Oswego Police Department headquarters, constructed in 2018, is LEED Silver-Certified, and includes a solar-tower for heating the facility through radiant flooring. Learn more about LEED Certification.  
  • Village of Oswego facilities are lit with LED lighting. Learn about how you can save money (and never need to replace a lightbulb again) with LED lighting for your home.
  • Village of Oswego facilities also use motion sensors, ensuring that lights turn off automatically when workers are not present. 
  • All street lamps in the Village of Oswego are lit with LEDs, reducing energy and labor costs for residents. 
  • All Village-owned traffic signals are lit with LEDs
  • Rain gardens at Village Hall filter runoff contaminants like oil and gas on the roadways, cleaning the water before it returns to our drinking supply. 

Reusing, Recycling and Reducing Materials

  • The Village chips all non-infected trees removed from Village parkways. Woodchips are available for residents to use as mulch at the Public Works facility, 100 Theodore Drive.
  • Public Works crews recycle the scrap metal, aluminum and batteries used in the maintenance of the community, saving materials and money.
  • The Village regularly updates a Recycling Guide with information on how to best repurpose and recycle challenging items, including organizations that accept gently used items. Pick one up at Village Hall or Public Works, or download one!  
  • The Village's contracted waste hauler, Groot, will pick up electronics, usually at no cost, right from your door, with just a phone call. Learn more on our Garbage and Recycling page. 
  • The Village also offers Curbside Composting, also known as the Yard Waste Subscription Program. Visit the Garbage and Recycling page for more information and call Groot to sign up. 
  • Village Board packets, which are usually hundreds of pages long, have gone electronic to reduce paper consumption.


  • Oswego restricts lawn watering throughout the summer months. Find your watering dates and more information check out the Water Conservation page. 
  • The Village contracts for 100 percent renewable energy for its residents, using RECs to purchase wind energy at the same price as conventional coal. If you get a ComEd bill, you're supporting clean, renewable power produced locally. 


  • Each April, the Village hosts a Recycling Extravaganza at Village Hall, collecting thousands of pounds of items that can be tricky to recycle. 
  • Every May, the Village holds a community-wide garage sale to reuse items. Check our Community Calendar for dates. 
  • Each August, dedicated volunteers collect trash on land and water during our Fox River Cleanup.  
  • On Arbor Day 2018, the Village planted an evergreen donated by The Garden Faire. When it is fully mature, the tree will be the official tree lit at each year’s Christmas Walk celebration.
  • Village events are making strides towards zero waste, including high-quality and useful giveaway toys at Christmas Walk and reusable cups at Oswego Beats & Eats, plus fabric tablecloths and signs designed for reuse.


  • In 2015, the Oswego Police Department began experimenting with cleaner fuels for squad cars. Liquid propane reduced both emissions and wear-and-tear on the vehicles. 
  • In the winter, public works crews spread a liquid beet juice mixture on roads prior to snowfall. The liquid keeps roads from freezing and makes the salt stick to the pavement, reducing wasted salt, burned grass, and polluting runoff into the river. Look for the tell-tale purple lines on roadways. 


  • Since 2017, the Village of Oswego has partnered with The Conservation Foundation, which has guided native plantings for pollinators and other projects in the community. Learn about what you can do to create a beautiful, natural landscape and attract pollinators through their Conservation@Home program.
  • The Conservation Foundation also runs the community rain barrel program. Get yours for less than half the cost on Amazon by ordering here. 
  • The Village of Oswego is a signatory to the Greenest Region 2 Compact through the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus. The compact includes dozens of strategies for sustainability to address goals related to climate, energy, land use, water and waste. Read the Greenest Region 2 Compact Toolkit and see where we're headed as a community. 
  • The Village is also a US EPA Green Power Partner for our commitment to 100 percent green energy for our residents.

For more information on how residents can protect our shared environment, please use the menu on the right side of the page to learn more.