Village of Oswego
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Vision, Mission and Values

The Oswego Village Board is guided by the following vision, mission and values, all of which drive the Village's Strategic Plan.


Oswego will continue to be a friendly, caring, and forward-thinking community that provides a high quality of life based upon sustainable growth and a respect for our rich heritage and environment


It is our mission to responsibly grow our community and maintain the public’s trust. We do this through the innovative and collaborative delivery of public services that meet the community’s quality of life expectations.


Integrity: We are honest, ethical and we honor our commitments.

Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions, and are transparent in the fulfilment of our public duties

Innovative: We value creative thinking and problem solving in our service to the public

Pride in work performed: We value a commitment to excellence and pride in the performance of our work

Community: We believe in contributing to something greater than ourselves