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Crosswalk Flag

Pedestrian Flags                                                                                                                                              

Pedestrian safety is important to everyone. Crosswalk flags are simple and cheap to implement and are proving to be effective and popular at improving pedestrian safety. Once installed, the only ongoing cost is the replacement of the flags.                                                                                                               

Although no engineering studies have been conducted within the Village of Oswego, similar programs in other municipalities have proven to be successful at reducing pedestrian accidents. Currently, the pedestrian crossing flags have been installed at the Washington and Main St crossing in downtown Oswego.                                                                                                                                   

To use the pedestrian crossing flag, simply pick up a flag from the flag holder nearest to you, and proceed into the designated crosswalk. You can either hold the flag out in front of you or wave it to increase visibility. In addition to using the flag, be sure to press the button to initiate the blinking caution light. Once traffic has stopped, you can safely cross the street. When you have reached the other side, simply replace it in the flag holder on that side of the street. It is important to note that pedestrians should be careful to notice any approaching vehicles that do not appear to be stopping.                                                                                                            

The simple act of using the flag helps motorists to quickly recognize that a pedestrian is in the crosswalk and creates a safer environment for both motorists and pedestrians. In addition, just having the flags sitting in the holders helps to raise motorist awareness of the pedestrian crosswalks on Washington and Main St.