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Brush, Leaves and Yard Waste 

Brush Collection 2020Bundled brush


The Village has implemented brush collection by zones.  There are two zones. 

Zone A is all properties east of the Fox River and north of US 34 as well as those properties west of the Fox River and north of Mill Road, and includes the following subdivisions: 2nd Street, Adams Street, Blackberry Knoll, Boulder Hill (incorporated Oswego only), Cedar Glen, Chicago Road (north side), Estates of Fox Chase, Fairway Crossing, Farmington Lakes, Heritage of Oswego, Kendall Point, Kingsbrook Crossing, Mill Race Creek, North Street, Park Place, Pfund Court, Pine Ridge Club, Ponds of Mill Race, River Mist, Route 25, Stone Gate, Victoria Meadows, New Windcrest, Old Windcrest, and Winding Waters. 

Zone B is all properties east of the Fox River and south of US 34 as well as those properties west of the Fox River and south of Mill Road and includes the following subdivisions: Arbor Gate, Ashcroft, Ashcroft Place, Ashcroft Walk, Bell Court, Brighten Meadows, Brookside Manor, Churchill Club, Deerpath Creek, Deerpath Trails, Fox Chase South, Gates Creek, Gates Creek West, Hawthorne Drive, Herren's Run, Hometown, Hunt Club, Lakeview, Lincoln Station, Morgan Crossing, Ogden Falls, Old Reserve, Original Town, Prescott Mill, River Run, Southbury, Stonehill, Village Square, White Pines, and Wolf's Crossing.  

Click for a downloadable map of brush collection zones. We will collect brush from each zone once in May, July and October.  The last pickup will be in October just prior to the start of the leaf collection program.  Collection weeks for 2020 are as follows:


Zone A                                                Zone BBrush collection zones map

May 4                                                 May 11

July 6                                                 July 13

October 5                                           October 12



Place all brush at the curb by 7:00 a.m. on Monday morning of the designated week but no earlier than noon the Friday before. Pile brush neatly so that the ends of the branches are all facing the same direction. Do not put brush in a container or in the street.  

The Public Works trucks will pass through an area once and will not return for brush placed after the deadline. 


Brush is defined as tree and bush branches that are less than 5” in diameter. The Brush Collection Program is not intended to handle branches, logs or tree stumps as a result of large-scale tree trimming or removal. Place unbundled brush parallel or perpendicular to the street in neat bundles with all cut ends facing the same direction.  Do not put brush in a container or in the street.  We will not pick up logs, wood, root balls, cuttings, or grass clippings. Crews will place an orange tag on your door indicating the reason they did not pick up the brush if it is the wrong material or placed at the curb prior to the deadline.

The Village provides this service for residents. The Village does not accept landscaping waste, tree branches, or tree removals as a result of contracted work. Crews will not remove brush from commercial, industrial or other non-residential properties.

Leaf Collection 2019Leaves piled on the curb

Curbside leaf collection, a service provided free to Oswego residents, begins Monday, Oct. 14.

Leaves will be picked up three times in each of the three zones throughout the Village. Leaf collection dates are subject to change because of inclement weather, equipment, or high leaf volume. Residents should plan ahead and put leaves out early to help ensure collection. Check back this fall for full dates and details. 

Leaf Zones and Collection Dates

Zone A includes all properties that are west of the Fox River, plus the Hunt Club subdivision, and all properties that are both east of Fox Bend Golf Course and south of Route 34. Subdivisions include: Blackberry Knoll, Brighten Meadows, Churchill Club, Fox Chase, The Estates of Fox Chase, Gates Creek, Gates Creek West, Hunt Club, Lincoln Station, Ogden Falls, Park Place, Pineridge Club, Prescott Mill, River Mist, River Run, Village Square/Hometown, Wolf's Crossing. 

Zone A Collection Weeks: Weeks beginning October 14, October 28, November 18

Zone B includes all properties south of Wolf Road; all properties that are south of Route 34, east of the Fox River, and west of Route 71 (downtown Oswego); and all properties south of Route 71 excluding Hunt Club. Subdivisions include: Arbor Gate, Ashcroft, Ascroft Place, Ashcroft Walk, Brookside Manor, Deerpath Creek, Deerpath Trails, Downtown (north of Washington), Herren's Run, Lakeview Estates, Lakeview West, Morgan Crossing, Old Reserve Hills, Original Town (south of Washington), Route 34 (Chicago Road towards Route 71), Southbury, Washington Square (Liberty Court), Wilmette and Calumet, White Pines.

Zone B Collection Weeks: Weeks beginning October 14, November 4, November 25

Zone C includes all properties that are both east of the Fox River and northwest of Route 34. Subdivisions include: Boulder Hill (incorporated only), Cedar Glen, Hawthorne Drive, Fairway Crossing, Farmington Lakes, Heritage of Oswego, Kingsbrook Crossing, Mill Race Creek, Ponds of Mill Race, Route 25, Route 34 (Chicago Road - Penn Court side), Stonegate, Victoria Meadows, New Windcrest, Old Windcrest, Winding Waters. 

Zone C Collection Weeks: Weeks beginning October 21, November 11, December 2

Refer to the Leaf Collection Zone Map for more details. 

How to Place Leaves

Place leaves in piles in the grass on the parkway near the curb by 7 a.m. on the Monday of your specified week for collection. Leaves not places in the parkway by 7 a.m. Monday will be picked up on the following scheduled collection week for your zone.

No brush, grass clippings, tree limbs, vines or trash will be collected. These materials cause damage to the leaf collection vacuum and can cause serious injury or death to staff or others nearby. Keep all leaves out of the curb and the street to prevent hazardous driving conditions or street flooding.

Due to the tremendous size of this job, leaves obstructed by parked vehicles or near other obstructions must be skipped and will not be picked up until the following collection week for your zone.

There is a small window of time between when leaves fall to the first snowfall, and inclement weather or an abnormally large volume of leaves can alter the leaf collection schedule. Once leaves are snow-covered, they can no longer be collected by vacuum, and the leaf collection program may be suspended.

Leaf Collection Alternatives

Residents are encouraged to use other environmentally friendly ways of disposing of leaves. Place leaves in and around plant beds and under trees and shrubs to provide nutrients for the soil and insulation for rose bushes and other fickle plants, or use a mulching lawn mower to return those nutrients back to your lawn. Residents may dispose of leaves by bagging them and placing them at the curb for Yard Waste Collection.

Residents are reminded that burning leaves is prohibited at all times in the Village.

Yard Waste CollectionYard waste bags

Bagged yard waste will be collected for free (no sticker needed) May 4-8 on your regular garbage day.

Yard waste pick-up will begin the first week of April and will continue weekly until Friday, Nov. 27, 2020.  The State of Illinois defines yard waste as grass or shrubbery cuttings, leaves, small tree limbs and other materials accumulated as the result of the care of lawns, shrubbery, vines and trees. Examples of yard waste include grass clippings, leaves, branches, limbs, weeds, logs, and garden plants. Your waste material will be collected only if it is placed in a 30 gallon Kraft paper bag with 1 Groot Industries yard waste sticker affixed to the front of the bag. The bags and stickers are available at local retail grocery and hardware stores. Yard waste will be collected on the same day that your regular trash is collected.  Please have your yard waste, trash and recycling at your curb by 6:00 a.m. on your collection day. 

Yard Waste stickers cost $2.25 (beginning Jan. 1, 2020) and may be purchased at:

  • Oswego Village Hall, 100 Parkers Mill
  • Ace Hardware, 4500 Route 71
  • Jewel, 2540 Route 30
  • Jewel, 3795 Orchard Road
  • Liane’s Family Pantry, 4574 Route 71
  • Meijer, 2700 Route 34
  • Walgreens, 410 Chicago Road
  • Walgreens, 3401 Orchard Road


Spring and Fall Cleanup Week

Spring Clean-up Week will be held June 8-12. More details here.  To get alerts for the updated collection dates, sign up for Email Alerts from the Village of Oswego. Free bagged yard waste was collected May 4-8, and will not be included as a part of the June 9-12 collection.

Groot Industries provides a clean-up day in the spring and fall for Oswego residents. They will collect additional household waste, yard waste and bulk items for all Village residents, typically for one week in late April and one week in early November, on your normally scheduled garbage day, for free. No stickers are required during free cleanup weeks, however residents must still place yard waste in the 30-gallon kraft yard waste bags.  Yard waste will not be accepted in plastic bags.

Place all items, along with your regular garbage and recycling, at the curb by 6 a.m. on your normally scheduled garbage day.  If you have any questions regarding this pick-up, please contact the Public Works Department at 630-554-3242.

Residents cannot put out appliances, televisions, or electronics during this collection. See the Electronics Recycling section above for additional information on curbside electronics collection.

Holiday Tree Collection 

Groot will collect Christmas trees curbside for free after the holidays through the second week of January. Place your bare tree, free of lights, ornaments, tinsel, or any other decorations by the curb on your regularly scheduled garbage day. Do not bag your tree or place a yard waste sticker on it. 

After the second week in January, residents will be required to wait until April when the yard waste program begins again, and a sticker will be required at that time.