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Public Works

100 Theodore Drive
Oswego, IL
(630) 554-3242

The Public Works Department is now under one roof!  Department administrative staff recently relocated from the Village Hall to the Public Works Facility in order to provide better communication with field employees.

  We provide the following services at the Public Works Facility

  • Free mulch for your garden (available 24-hours a day)
  • Sand bags (available at select times, visit our website for more information)

 The Public Works Facility is located at 100 Theodore Drive.  We are located east of Plainfield Avenue and south of Oswego High School, next to the school buses.  Our hours are 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM Monday through Friday.  Our phone number is 630-554-3242.

The Public Works Department is the behind the scenes department that keeps the Village operating. The most noticeable operations are sanitary and water supply systems which besides providing residents with clean and safe water, they maintain the 8 wells, 6 booster stations and 7 lift stations. Among the staff, 6 hold a Water Operator’s License and are responsible for collecting the required EPA water samples.

Other duties carried out by this department include, but are not limited to snow and ice removal, brush pick up, leaf removal, street sign replacement and repair, roadway patching, streetlight repair, installation and repair of water meters, water meter readings, maintaining the storm drains and sanitary lines and water lines and J.U.L.I.E. locates.

The department has on its staff 2 mechanics, a safety officer and 4 arborists. There are several employees that have been trained to observe and report on infrastructure and pavement installations for subdivisions.

There are times we do not know of a problem that you may be experiencing. Please do not hesitate to notify Public Works at 630-554-3242 if:

  • Your streetlight is out
  • You notice a traffic signal not working
  • Your garbage, recycling or yard waste has been missed
  • You notice a water main break
  • You are experiencing rusty water
  • You notice missing or damaged street signs
Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Information Regarding Storm Water Discharge

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Public Works Director/PE
Jennifer Hughes 

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