Village of Oswego
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The Village Administrator is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Village. The Administrator is appointed by the Village President and serves on a full-time basis. The Administration Department is responsible for overseeing many of the Village's functions. The department works to make Oswego one of the area's most attractive places in which to live, work, and do business by:

  • Implementing public policies adopted by the Village Board
  • Actively managing the municipal organization to ensure efficient, cost-effective service delivery
  • Supporting Village departments in efforts to innovate and improve citizen experience
  • Increasing transparency by providing public information through a variety of channels
  • Working to improve our local economy through targeted business attraction and retention
  • Developing and recommending policies that protect the Village's fiscal foundation
  • Influencing state and federal policies that impact Oswego's ability to thrive

The Administration department is currently undergoing and overseeing numerous projects to improve the Village. Major initiatives currently underway in the Village include:

  • Implementing the Village Strategic Plan
  • Advocacy efforts to bring Metra service to Oswego
  • Coordination of efforts to foster redevelopment of the Downtown Area TIF District
  • Coordination of the construction of the new police facility on Woolley Road
  • Increasing governmental transparency
  • Exploring alternatives for a sustainable Village water source
  • Leading efforts to share services with other local government units

 For more information on any of these projects or for any other questions, please feel free to reach out to the Administration Department at 630-551-2360.