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Wolfs Crossing Corridor Study

The Village of Oswego is undertaking a study of the Wolfs Crossing corridor to determine what, if any, improvements need to be made to the corridor to provide connectivity for vehicles, bikes, and pedestrians.  Our goal is to improve safety in the corridor while accommodating anticipated growth in the area.  The study limits extend from US Routes 34 to Eola/Heggs Road just east of US Route 30.

Wolf Corridor Advisory Team (WolfCAT)

The Village established the Wolf Corridor Advisory Team (WolfCAT) to assist the project team in setting goals for the project corridor, reviewing traffic and environmental information, and providing feedback on design alternatives. WolfCAT members consist of community leaders from the study area as well as stakeholders with expertise or technical interest in environmental, land use, transportation, and economic development affected by the study.


Public Information Meeting #1 – October 5, 2016

The purpose of the first public information meeting is to introduce the project.  During the meeting, we gathered comments from the public.  Attendees identified problems in the corridor and expressed desire for improvements.



Public Information Meeting #2 – June 29, 2017

The purpose of the second public information meeting is to review alternatives developed out of the input we received from the first public information meeting and subsequent WolfCAT meetings. We will present optinons for constructing intersections, elements to be incorporated into the cross section, potential locations for detention basins, and many other elements.