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Committed to 100% Renewable Energy


Since 2017, the Oswego Village Board has been committed to procuring 100 percent renewable energy for residents in the Village, making good on the Village’s mission to respect our environment, while also remaining fiscally responsible. Learn more about your options and how renewable energy works in our electrical grid:EPA Green Power Partner logo


Where does my electricity come from?

Oswego residents pay ComEd to deliver electricity. However, Oswego’s current energy supplier is MC Squared, which supplies renewable energy at the same rate as ComEd’s nonrenewable energy. As always, residents will get their electricity bill through ComEd.

What kind of power does my home use?

MC Squared generates wind power, and then puts that power into the ComEd grid. ComEd cannot route specific power directly to your home. When wind energy is put into the grid, it is essentially “mixed” with other sources of energy like coal and nuclear. However, by contracting with MC Squared for a 100 percent green energy contract, the Village of Oswego is supporting local wind energy producers, guaranteed by using a system called Renewable Energy Credits.

When you turn on a light, that light is powered by a combination of wind, coal, nuclear and other sources. Although the dollars you spend on your ComEd bill each month pays renewable energy producers, it is still environmentally friendly to reduce energy use, especially during peak times.

Do I pay more for green energy than I would for fossil fuels?

No. Village staff did comparison shopping and negotiated with electricity suppliers. Our supplier, MC Squared, agreed to supply green energy and price match the rate that ComEd would have charged for supplying non-renewable energy. Oswego residents will pay the same price, but will be supporting the development of non-polluting renewable energy.

Can I opt out?

Yes. Residents can sign up to use ComEd or any other energy supplier at any time without a penalty.

Who do I call if I have a problem?

Billing and the electrical system are handled by ComEd. If you have an issue with your bill, experience an outage, or discover a downed wire or other safety issue, call ComEd at 800-334-7661.

Will someone come to my home to sign me up for clean energy?

No. You do not need to do anything to be signed up for clean energy. If someone calls or visits your home claiming to be the Village’s energy supplier, you can report them to the Illinois Commerce Commission at


More questions? 

Contact our Finance Department at 630-554-3618.