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Oswego advises residents of approaching winter storm

The Village of Oswego is preparing for a winter storm that is expected to last for several days, and is encouraging residents to be prepared as well.

As of Thursday, Feb. 8, 2018, the National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning affecting Oswego, beginning at 6 p.m. Thursday evening through 6 p.m. Friday. Between 6 and 10 inches of additional snow accumulation is expected.

Because of the length of the storm, the Oswego Public Works Department will be splitting its crews into two 12-hour shifts in order to keep roads open and safe throughout the duration of the snowfall. This will mean that it will take longer for plows to make one full pass through the Village, however, it will allow crews to make enough complete passes during the storm to keep roads open.

The Village’s goal during the storm is to keep lanes open and passable for emergency vehicles. Once the snowfall is done, crews will plow to the curb. Residents who wish to only shovel once should keep this in mind as they shovel driveways and streets, as crews will be making multiple passes and additional snow may be piled near the curb. Because the Village expects to plow in multiple passes during this storm, salt applications will be limited only to streets where it is absolutely needed in order to prevent salt being plowed up on a second pass.

Residents are asked to be neighborly and help keep their community safe by shoveling sidewalks and ramps and digging out fire hydrants so that firefighters can find them in an emergency.

Residents are also advised that this snow is expected to be wetter and heavier than recent snowfalls. Residents with certain health conditions should avoid strenuous shoveling, go slow, and ask for assistance from neighbors.

On-street parking is prohibited on Village streets after 2 inches of snow has fallen until streets are plowed to the curb in order to allow plows and emergency vehicles to pass. Vehicles left on the street may be towed or ticketed. 

The National Weather Service has advised against unnecessary travel. If you must travel, keep an extra flashlight, food and water in your vehicle, and make sure you have enough gas to keep the vehicle warm in case you become stuck.

For more information, contact Oswego Public Works at 630-554-3242. 

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