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Village's Electric Aggregation Program

The Village’s current electric aggregation program is expiring at the end of July, 2017 or your reading date after July, 2017.   The rate per Kwh of 6.149 cents was fixed for the entire two year term.   The Village put the program out for bid in May, 2017 and received four separate bidders.   The lowest bidder was Dynegy Energy Services LLC.   The Village locked in a contract for 14 months beginning in August, 2017 at a fixed rate of 7.384 cents per kwh for 100% renewable energy.  

The Village will use the opt-out program for all residents and small businesses (annual usage of 15,000 kwh or less) currently enrolled in the current aggregation program.   The opt-out information will be mailed around June 16, 2017.  You must receive the mailing to be automatically enrolled in the new aggregation program.  If you do not receive the mailing by July 1st, please contact Village Hall at 630-554-3618.   The opt-out information is mailed to the physical or service address.  If you have your mail go to a P.O. Box or address other than the serviced property, you may not receive the mailing.  These pieces of mail become undeliverable and returned.  We are not allowed to automatically enroll those service addresses in which the mail is returned. 

The Village will also be sending an opt-in mailing to all those who currently have the electricity provided by an alternative suppliers and non-metering customers so that they will also have the opportunity to enroll in the Village aggregation program if they so choose.

See the Aggregation Program Summary, 100% Renewable Energy information, and Frequently Asked Questions documents for more information.

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