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Oswego Police offer wellness checks for seniors, at-risk residents who live alone

The Village of Oswego is offering a daily check-in program for the duration of the State of Illinois Stay at Home order. This is offered for Village of Oswego residents who are seniors or those with medical concerns who may live alone. If you live alone or know someone who lives alone, enroll in the “I Live Alone” program.

Once signed up, you will receive a daily telephone call with a friendly check-in. If we do not receive an answer and have not been otherwise notified that you are away, after two attempts an officer will be dispatched to the home. If no contact is made at the home, the police will call the emergency contact number. If the emergency contact does not answer, the police will attempt to enter the home to check the well-being of the person.

Please contact the Oswego Police Department at 630-551-7300 to sign up for this free service.

We hope many seniors and their families will find this to be a comfort during this time. 

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