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Final round of leaf collection begins this week

Village of Oswego crews have begun the final round of curbside leaf collection throughout the Village. Crews will be in Zone A this week, and then will proceed through Zones B and C in following weeks. Pile leaves to the curb, but not in the street, which can cause flooding. 

Don't know your zone? See our Leaf Collection Map

Curbside leaf collection continues until this third and final round is complete unless winter weather arrives. In the event of significant snow or ice, crews and equipment must switch to plowing streets, and leaf collection may be temporarily suspended or ended early. 

Want to ensure collection? Final week to bag and sticker. 
Don't trust Mother Nature to give us another three weeks of fall? Bag and sticker your leaves, and set them out for collection by Groot. This week, Nov. 25-30, is the final week of the year for this bagged yard waste service. 

The eco-friendly option? Mulch!
Give yourself a greener lawn next spring the natural way, by using your leaves as mulch. Simply spread your leaves across your lawn and mow over them to chop them up into smaller pieces. The leaves will break down over the winter, proving nitrogen to your grass, and give your lawn a headstart on a green spring. Leaves can also be piled up around the roots of delicate plants like rose bushes to protect them from harsh winter temperatures. 

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