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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Village Offices Closed

Independence Day

4th of July Fireworks

Join the Village of Oswego as we host the Independence Day Fireworks show on July 4, 2017 @ 9:30pm.  Families are encouraged to view the show from Prairie Point Park or PraireFest Park, make sure to bring blankets, lawn chairs, and snacks.

In case of inclement weather, please check the Village of Oswego’s social media sites - Facebook & Twitter: Facebook at Village of Oswego, IL – Village Hall & Village of Oswego Police, IL & Twitter @OswegoIL60543

The Oswego Police Department will again limit parking and travel routes prior to and immediately following the Firework Events scheduled for July 3 & July 4, 2017.  The fireworks display will be set up at the Prairie Point Community Park, which is located on the Prairie Point Elementary School grounds between Plainfield and Grove Roads.  The display will begin at 9:30 p.m. and end at 10:00 p.m.  All fireworks viewers are encouraged to use the Traughber Junior High School, Eastview Elementary, Prairie Point Elementary and the parking lots of Oswego High School.  Handicap parking will be made available in the school district’s Bus Transportation lot on Plank Road.

Temporary ‘no parking’ signs will be posted at the following locations:

•     Rt. 71 between Rt. 34 & Forest Avenue

•     Franklin Street (fire hydrant side only)

•     Wilmette & Calumet Street

•     Plainfield Road between Rt. 71 & Linden Drive

•     Grove Road between Plainfield Road & Arboretum Way

Regulatory ‘no parking’ signs are posted on both sides of Stonehill Road, Theodore Drive, Templeton Drive and Plank Road.  Both temporary and regulatory ‘no parking’ signs will be strictly enforced.  As a reminder, parking on private property is prohibited unless you have prior permission from the land owner.


To alleviate traffic congestion, traffic patterns will be altered at several intersections throughout the area and at school parking lot exits. The areas affected by these changes include:

•     Both parking lots of the Oswego High School and Eastview Elementary will only be allowed to travel northbound on Rt. 71.

•     Motorists traveling east on Franklin Street will only be allowed to turn southbound onto Rt. 71

•     Traffic could be restricted to travel westbound Washington Street from Rt. 71 or Plainfield Rd.

•     Motorists exiting Stonehill Road onto Wolf Road will be required to turn eastbound onto Wolf’s Crossing only

•     Motorists exiting Stonehill Road onto Woolley Road will be required to turn eastbound onto Woolley Road

•     Westbound traffic on Plainfield Road may be required to travel only southbound on Rt. 71.

•     Motorists exiting onto Woolley Road from the Traughber Junior High School lot will only be allowed to travel northbound on Colchester Drive or eastbound on Woolley Road

Oswego Police Officers and Community Service Officers will be located at intersections most affected by the increase in traffic and will assist with traffic control in these areas.  In an effort to reduce traffic congestion, all people driving to the event are asked to carpool.   You are also asked to remain patient while traffic is clearing. 

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