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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Get a rain barrel for half price ahead of Earth Day

The Village of Oswego’s ECO Commission, Upcycle Products and the Illinois Conservation Foundation have partnered to offer Oswego residents the opportunity to buy rain barrels for about half their retail price.

Rain barrels collect rain runoff from roofs and gutters and store it for later use on gardens and lawns. In addition to saving our community’s precious water resources and reducing water bills, rain barrels are often beneficial to gardens because rain water can be softer and have fewer minerals in it than ground water.

A portion of proceeds from rain barrels purchased through the Village’s partnership with Upcycle Products also benefit The Conservation Foundation, which is responsible for conservation projects across Oswego and the region. Local projects have included rain gardens, native plantings, and watershed protection plans.

Rain barrels cost between $55 and $60, about half the price of similar models purchased on Amazon. They are made from food-grade upcycled materials, including former pickling containers, and specially washed clean for garden use.

Residents may purchase barrels online by April 17 at, for pick-up at the April 21 ECO Earth Day event. Home delivery is also available throughout the year for an additional $5.

For more information, visit contact Upcycle directly at 815-735-9583.

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