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Monday, October 19, 2020

Leaf Collection begins

The curbside leaf vacuum program provides residents a cost-effective way to dispose of leaves. The bulk of the piles will be vacuumed up as the crews go by your address. Place leaves in the parkway, on the grass near the curb by 6 a.m. on the Monday of your specified pickup week for collection. No brush, grass clippings, tree limbs, vines, or trash will be collected. These materials will damage the leaf truck and could injure workers or residents nearby.

Please remember
Leaves placed in the parkway after 6 a.m. Monday will be picked up on the following scheduled week for your zone.
Due to the tremendous scope of this work village wide, leaves blocked by parked cars or near other obstructions will be skipped and not picked up until the next collection week in that zone.
The bulk of the piles will be vacuumed up as the crews go by your address. However, it is impossible for crews to collect 100 percent of the leaves piled.
Keep leaves out of the curb line and street. Leaves in the street can cause hazardous driving conditions and local flooding.
Leaf burning is prohibited at all times throughout the Village.

There is a very small window of opportunity to collect the leaves from the time the leaves fall to when winter weather begins. Inclement weather or large volume of leaves could alter the leaf pickup schedule. Once the leaves are covered by snow, the vacuum cannot collect the leaves and the program may be suspended.

Collection alternatives
Residents are encouraged to use alternative options such as placing leaves in and around plant beds under trees and shrubs as this provide nutrients for the soil and provide insulation for the plants. Residents can also bag leaves and place them at the curb on their regular garbage day though the week of Nov. 23. Bagged leaves and yard waste will be accepted without stickers the week of Nov. 16. 

The Village has a zoned collection system to provide residents with a set schedule for leaf collection. Your house is assigned a zone based upon its location in the Village:
Zone A All properties west of the Fox River, Hunt Club subdivision, and all properties east of Fox Bend Golf Course and south of Route 34.
Zone B All properties south of Wolf Road, all properties south of Route 34 east of the Fox River and west of Route 71 (the downtown area), all properties south of Route 71 excluding Hunt Club subdivision.
Zone C All properties east of the Fox River and northwest of Route 34.
For a list of leaf collection zones by subdivision, visit

Village crews will collect leaves twice this season. Leaf collection is scheduled for Monday through Friday as follows:
Zone A Weeks of Oct. 19 & Nov. 2
Zone B Weeks of Oct. 19 & Nov. 9
Zone C Weeks of Oct. 26 & Nov. 16
Dates are subject to change due to Inclement weather, staffing, potential equipment issues, and the volume of leaves. Follow the Village of Oswego on Facebook or Twitter, or check for upates to the leaf collection schedule. 

Leaf Collection Zones A & B

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