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Free Curbside Leaf Collection

 Leaves may be raked into the parkway for collection beginning Oct. 16

Curbside Collection begins Oct. 16, 2017

Curbside leaf collection, a service provided free to Oswego residents, begins Monday, Oct. 16 and continues through Friday, Dec. 4, throughout the Village of Oswego. 

Leaves will be picked up three times in each of the three zones throughout the Village. Leaf collection dates are subject to change because of inclement weather, equipment, or high leaf volume. Residents should plan ahead and put leaves out early to help ensure collection.

Zones and Collection Dates

Zone A includes all properties that are west of the Fox River, plus the Hunt Club subdivision, and all properties that are both east of Fox Bend Golf Course and south of Route 34. Leaves in Zone A will be collected the weeks of Oct. 16, Oct. 30 and Nov. 20.

Zone B includes all properties south of Wolf Road; all properties that are south of Route 34, east of the Fox River, and west of Route 71 (downtown Oswego); and all properties south of Route 71 excluding Hunt Club. Leaves in Zone B will be collected the weeks of Oct. 16, Nov. 6, and Nov. 27.

Zone C includes all properties that are both east of the Fox River and northwest of Route 34. Leaves in Zone C will be collected the weeks of Oct. 23, Nov. 13 and Dec. 4.

Refer to the Leaf Collection Zone Map for more details. 

How to Place Leaves

Place leaves in piles in the grass on the parkway near the curb by 7 a.m. on the Monday of your specified week for collection. Leaves not places in the parkway by 7 a.m. Monday will be picked up on the following scheduled collection week for your zone.

No brush, grass clippings, tree limbs, vines or trash will be collected. These materials cause damage to the leaf collection vacuum and can cause serious injury or death to staff or others nearby. Keep all leaves out of the curb and the street to prevent hazardous driving conditions or street flooding.

Due to the tremendous size of this job, leaves obstructed by parked vehicles or near other obstructions must be skipped and will not be picked up until the following collection week for your zone.

There is a small window of time between when leaves fall to the first snowfall, and inclement weather or an abnormally large volume of leaves can alter the leaf collection schedule. Once leaves are snow-covered, they can no longer be collected by vacuum, and the leaf collection program may be suspended.

Leaf Collection Alternatives

Residents are encouraged to use other environmentally friendly ways of disposing of leaves. Place leaves in and around plant beds and under trees and shrubs to provide nutrients for the soil and insulation for rose bushes and other fickle plants, or use a mulching lawn mower to return those nutrients back to your lawn. Residents may also purchase yard waste bags, which require a yard waste sticker for curbside collection on your regular garbage day. Stickers cost $1.50 and may be purchased at:

  • Oswego Village Hall, 100 Parkers Mill
  • Ace Hardware, 4500 Route 71
  • Jewel, 2540 Route 30
  • Jewel, 3795 Orchard Road
  • Liane’s Family Pantry, 4574 Route 71
  • Meijer, 2700 Route 34
  • Walgreens, 410 Chicago Road
  • Walgreens, 3401 Orchard Road

Groot will collect bagged yard waste with no sticker the week of Nov. 13-17. Collection all other weeks requires a sticker. The final day for collection of yard waste bags is Dec. 1.

Residents are reminded that burning leaves is prohibited at all times in the Village.