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Orchard Corridor Entertainment Venue

In October 2019, the Oswego Village Board accepted the donation of about three acres of land on Station Drive, adjacent to the planned site of a future Oswego Metra station, for use as a community amenity and entertainment venue.

Since that time, the Village has entered into contracts with Schoppe Design for land planning, Threshold Acoustics for an acoustical study, and Williams Architects for architectural and engineering design. In addition, the Village conducted an online community survey to identify opinions on how the entertainment venue should be used and conducted stakeholder interviews.

In July 2020, the Village hosted an open house to solicit resident feedback about possible designs for an outdoor amphitheater that could be used by community-based performance groups, as well as a plan for the site, which could host events throughout the year for our residents.


The Site site plan

The site plan proposes:

  • Northeast stage orientation to take advantage of existing sound barriers and to maximize the crowd area;
  • Area designated for food trucks;
  • Area designated for future playground;
  • Walking paths, overlooks, and aerators to use the pond as an amenity;
  • “Front of House” pad for audio technician;
  • Wide service corridor for trucks and equipment;
  • Future support building for public restrooms and concessions;
  • Entry court; and
  • Walking path.

These features have been identified for the long-term plans for the park but will not all be included in its first phase. Click on the image at right for a full-size high-resolution image of the site plan. 


The Amphitheater

The amphitheater will provide a stage with basic lighting and audio that can be used by community performing arts groups. During the open house, architects presented two possible design options for the stage. View a high-resolution image of the selected design by clicking on the image below: 

Entertainment venue bandshell



The first phase of this project, which will include the covered stage, the park-like area, and service corridor, is projected to cost approximately $750,000. Those funds are currently available in the Village’s Capital Improvement Plan, in the annual budget because of budget surpluses, owing to higher than expected revenues, lower than expected expenditures, and proceeds from the sale of the former police station and the Firehouse Pizza property. The Oswego Village Board has given approval for staff to seek bids from various vendors to provide services related to the venue's construction.

Public Input 

In February 2020, the Village of Oswego offered a survey to residents about their event attendence habits and desires for more outdoor entertainment options. A total of 495 people, 90 percent of whom identified as Oswego residents, responded to the survey. In July 2020, residents were invited to offer their comments on the designs proposed at the open house. You can view responses to both surveys here: 

Entertainment Options Survey Responses

Open House Online Comment Card Responses

What about the noise? 

sound map

The Village hired acoustical engineer Threshold Acoustics to perform an analysis on the sound impacts of the proposed entertainment venue. Their report looked at different orientations to face the stage and found that due to the existing berming and separation from neighborhoods from the BNSF railroad tracks, detention pond, and the Orchard Road bridge, amplified sound typical of a concert and entertainment venue will not result in decibel levels that exceed our code requirements at residential neighborhoods (60dBA during the day, and 55dBA at night). Williams Architects further stated that the effects shown in the report can be lessened even further by incorporating some absorptive materials in the back wall of the stage structure.

Click the image for a high-resolution version of the sound map.

Follow along 

Requests for proposals from vendors are underway, and soil is being moved on the site. Watch our live stream of the building excitement!


Interested in contributing?

Several opportunities are available for individuals and businesses interested in contributing to this community amenity, including sponsorships and potential naming rights. A Request for Interest is currently available on our Bids and RFPs page for businesses interested in contributing goods and services. You can also donate directly through our donation page.

If you are interested in opportunities when they become available, contact Community Engagement Coordinator Julie Hoffman at