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Use the form below to search for zoning information for a specific property in the Village of Oswego. PLEASE NOTE: This website is intended for general informational purposes only. Neither the Village of Oswego nor its employees make any representations regarding the accuracy of the data contained herein. This work is protected by United States copyright law.

For PIN numbers that begin with a zero ("0"), please omit the first zero ("0").

Please know that when entering a street direction (i.e. SOUTH, EAST, etc.) and/or unit number (i.e. A, 100, etc.), they will follow the building number and street name in order and should be separated with commas as shown in the examples.

Examples: 100 MAIN STREET, SOUTH, A ; 3400 ROUTE 34, 101 ; 26 MAIN STREET, SOUTH ; 100 PARKERS MILL

* This website searches for property only within the Village of Oswego Corporate Boundary.

** For unincorporated property, please contact the Kendall County community development department at 630-553-4141.

*** For additional information or other inquires, please call Oswego's community development department at 630-554-3622.

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