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Parkway Tree Pruning

The Village of Oswego Public Works staff will begin the annual parkway tree pruning program once again and continuing through the winter.

Certified/trained staff will go through a designated subdivision to look for any trees branches that may need to be removed for traffic flow, snow plow trucks, bikes and pedestrians, damaged branches and any other issues there may be. Staff will remove those branches and continue around the tree to make it uniform.

Currently we are on a 5-year pruning cycle which means once staff completes an area, those trees will be pruned again in approximately 5 years. Although we are on the pruning cycle, residents may still call the Public Works office for individual tree maintenance issues and we will send a staff member out to check the tree for any needed maintenance.

Please be advised that some trees in the village have never been pruned since this program began. When these trees are pruned it will appear that more branches have been removed than necessary however it is due to the larger diameter branches being removed compared to a younger tree. Even though the older trees will have that appearance after pruning, staff will only remove what is necessary. Staff is trained according to the National Pruning Standards.

For further information or questions please contact the Public Works office @ 630-554-3242.