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Parkway Trees

Trees in the parkway are owned by the Village of Oswego. The parkway is generally defined as the area between the curb and sidewalk. There are more than 16,500 trees in the parkway so the Village asks residents to help maintain the trees by watering during extended dry spells and doing light pruning to keep sidewalks clear. Trees are important for many different reasons. Trees provide us with shade that helps cool us in the summer and reduce the need for air conditioning. They also beautify our neighborhoods and improve our property value. Trees also help to combat climate change by cleaning the air and removing carbon dioxide while releasing oxygen.

Tree Inspections

Trees are regularly inspected by a village arborist. The arborist is looking for cracks in the trunk, broken or hanging branches, obstruction of streets and sidewalks and clear site of street signs. The arborist is also inspecting for signs of disease or insect infestation. At the same time we are checking for dead or dying trees that need to be removed. Contact the Public Works office at 630-554-3242 with any concerns you may have regarding your parkway tree.

Tree Trimming

The village is currently on a 5-year pruning cycle which means once staff completes an area, those trees will be pruned again in approximately 5 years. Certified/trained staff will go through a designated subdivision and prune all parkway trees to a height that will allow traffic flow, which will include snow plow trucks and garbage trucks, bikes and pedestrians, signage clearance and any other issues there may be. Although we are on the pruning cycle, residents may still call the Public Works office for individual tree maintenance issues and we will send a staff member out to check the tree for any needed maintenance.. Staff is trained according to the National Pruning Standards.

Tree Replacement

Due to the large number of Ash trees removed in the past few years, there is currently a backlog to replace trees. The Village generally replaces trees in the order they were removed. The backlog is approximately three years as of June 2016. The Village choses the tree species suitable for installation within the right-of-way with an eye towards species diversity. If your tree was removed due to the Emerald Ash Bore or for any other reason, homeowners may choose to participate in the e 50/50 tree replacement program. This program allows homeowners to select the species of the tree from a list provided by the village and be advanced to the top of the replacement list.

If you choose to participate in the 50/50 replacement program you will be responsible for ½ of the cost of the tree that the village gets wholesale. You are not charged for the removal, the stump grinding or the planting. Contact the Public Works office at 630-554-3242 to sign up for this program.

The Village plants trees in the spring and fall. No trees are planted between June 15 and September 15 due to summer heat.