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Historic Preservation Commission

The function of the Historic Preservation Commission is to preserve and enhance Oswego’s unique historic character by informing the community of the positive benefits of preservation, by enlisting public support and participation in the historic preservation process, by identifying significant sites that represent preservation opportunities, and by implementing a review process for historic preservation.


In order to access the Historic Downtown Tour:

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Architectural and Historical Survey

The Village of Oswego, in conjunction with the Oswego Historic Preservation Commission, completed an architectural and historical survey of the urban core of the Village. The consultants selected to conduct the survey researched approximately 600 structures in an area that is located generally west of Route 71 and east of the Fox River. The results from this process include a detailed database of the properties included the survey area, many of which are properties that have an intrinsic historic or architectural value. The survey also provides recommendations on buildings that have the potential to be designated as historic landmarks, and it suggests areas that contain a clustering of significant properties that could be potential historic districts.

The survey is composed of two sections: the Summary and Inventory report, and the survey forms. The summary contains, along with a history of the development of the Village, an analysis of the various styles of architecture that were documented during the survey process and conclusions and recommendations for future preservation efforts in Oswego. The survey forms contain data collected by the consultants during their research and fieldwork, and include information such as construction dates, architectural styles, and historic significance. This database includes a form for every property in the survey, organized by address. Both documents are available for download below.

Oswego Historic Preservation Commission

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