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As a steward of public tax dollars, the Village of Oswego maintains rigorous fiduciary and ethical standards when it assesses and offers incentives to businesses investing in our community. Incentives are offered to businesses that can demonstrate and enhanced quality of life to our residents, such as highly desired amenities and job creation that, but for the incentive, might not otherwise be achieved. Our incentive program is designed to be flexible enough to offer creative solutions to make your project a reality. 

Revolving Loan 

Available to businesses located anywhere within the Village's corporate limits, our revolving loan fund offers loans at low interest rates with flexible terms. 

Economic Incentive Award

Available to businesses located in the downtown TIF District. Up to $40,000 is available annually for highly desirable project that will enhance the quality and character of our downtown. 

Building Fee Permit Waiver

Partial waivers for building permit fees levied by the Village may be available as a part of a larger incentive package. 

Tax Abatement

Discussed on an individual basis, the Village may consider partial abatement of local taxes in certain extraordinary circumstances. 



The Village of Oswego uses a single application process when considering incentives for new businesses. In addition to helping new business owners finalize project plans, this single application is used to determine eligibility and appropriateness for all of the Village's incentive programs and applications can be used to craft a custom package to bring your unique project to the finish line. We also offer technical assistance to make your application more successful. 

Ready to get started? The first step is a conversation. To discuss options that may be available for your business in Oswego, contact Economic Development Director Corinna Cole at or 630-551-2334.