Downtown is a historical and iconic symbol of Oswego. The older buildings, pedestrian-oriented streets, parks and Fox River generate a charming atmosphere. The majority of community stakeholders expressed their vision for the Downtown to be an attractive, lively, mixed-use center with open space, and wanted to strategize how to garner support and redevelopment for this subarea.

The Downtown will focus on attracting specific niches of the retail, office, and residential market along with preserving open space. In terms of retail, the Downtown is looking to expand its mix of restaurants and cultural/entertainment facilities, taking advantage of the waterfront setting and historic character. The goal for Downtown is not to become the shopping hub, as stores already operating on Route 34 serve this purpose. The goal is to invest in the Downtown as an icon of community pride and livability by expanding on the assets currently in place such as the library and Main Street businesses like the Village Grind coffee shop. This part of Oswego’s identity will be important in differentiating the community as the housing market continues to recover.

A secondary use for the Downtown is office space. The Village encourages these professionals and other office users to locate in the Downtown’s buildings. Given the older space and buildings, such office space is conducive to smaller office users such as smaller firmed lawyers, accountants, insurance, and real estate professionals. Due to its smaller size, and unique environment, office space here will complement not compete with the office space located in other areas of the community.

Figure 6.24 Downtown Location

Figure 6.25 Downtown Land Use

Figure 6.26 Downtown Environmental Features

Figure 6.27 Downtown Current Zoning

Figure 6.28 Downtown Transportation