Business Parks - Office and Industrial Subareas

The Village has 110 industrial buildings, and reportedly 42 office buildings. The industrial spaces house a mix of light industrial, warehouse, storage, indoor recreational, and auto-repair businesses while most of the office space is occupied by financial, insurance, real estate and medical firms.  Office buildings in Oswego are mostly single-story, but there are a number of two-story buildings. Building sizes range from 583 to 36,080 square feet and available office space sizes range from 1,200 to 8,062 square feet. Most buildings were constructed between the late 1980s and early 2000s. The majority of buildings have less than 10,000 square feet, including single-family homes that have been converted to business or professional uses.

Industrial and office space in Oswego are concentrated in the two industrial and office subareas: Kendall Pointe and Highland Business Center, and Stonehill Business Park.

Kendall Point and Highland Business Center Subarea. This subarea is a conglomerate of the Kendall Point industrial park and  nearby office and industrial users the Highland Business Center and the adjacent area located at US Route 30 and Treasure Drive. Kendall Point enjoys relatively low vacancy rate and includes a mix of light industrial, warehouse, storage, and office spaces. Highland Business Center is another industrial park with mostly light industrial and office uses as well as several indoor recreational uses. Current indoor recreational uses include Bogie’s Indoor Golf, baseball training, dance, and gymnastics. The subarea’s current tenants include larger businesses such as UPS and Sherwin Williams paint (in Kendall Point), and Anfinsen Plastic Molding (in Highland Business Center), but most are local/regional businesses serving Chicago's western suburbs.

Most of the office and industrial buildings in Kendall Point are classified as Class B, with a few Class C spaces, while Highland Business Center’s buildings tend to be classified as Class C. In both areas, ceiling heights range from 14 to 30 feet, with most in the 18 to 24-foot range and buildings date from the early 1990s to 2008. Available spaces range from 8,568 to 19,000 square feet and are located within warehouses. Kendall Pointe also includes industrial condominiums for sale or lease.

Stonehill Subarea. The Stonehill Subarea consists of an industrial park built in the mid-1980s and a business park that was started in 2000. Together, the two parks total 130 acres and 41 buildings. Specific uses within both parks include manufacturing, warehousing, auto repair, and distribution as well as professional office uses. The buildings are a mix of Class B and Class C structures with ceiling heights range from 14 to 25 feet, with most in the 16 to 22-foot range. Available industrial space varies from a 600 to 3,500 square feet while office space ranges from a couple hundred to 1,500 square feet.

There are several vacant parcels within both business parks. All of the lots zoned M-1 are sold, but many with B-2 commercial zoning are still to be developed. Virtually all remaining lots range in size from 1-2.4 acres.

Figure 6.14 Kendall Point and Highland Business Center Location

Figure 6.15 Kendall Point and Highland Business Center Land Use

Figure 6.16 Kendall Point and Highland Business Center Current Zoning

Figure 6.17 Kendall Point and Highland Business Center Transportation

Figure 6.18 Stonehill Location

Figure 6.19 Stonehill Land Use

Figure 6.20 Stonehill Current Zoning

Figure 6.21 Stonehill Transportation